The Continuing Cast, In Order of Appearance

H - Designates Historical Figure

F - Designates Fictional Character

General John Hunt Morgan (H), Confederate General

Captain Tom Hines (H), Confederate officer and undercover agent


Chapter 1

Paul Forsey (F), Junior government clerk    

Thomas Darcy McGee (H), Canadian politician and writer      

Owen McFeeters (Burwell,Wilson) (F), Canadian who joins Union army, changes name

Jimmy Hampstead (Burwell) (F), Canadian who joins Union army, changes name

John A Macdonald (H), Attorney General, Canada West

Hewitt Bernard (H), Senior government clerk,


Chapter 2

Festus Stephens (F), Union army private

Mary Ann Shadd Carey (H), Black publisher, Canada West


Chapter 3

Levitus Hurley (F), Union army sergeant

George Ellsworth (H), Canadian telegrapher with Confederate army

George St Leger Grenfell (H), British volunteer with Confederate army

Clement Valandigham  (H), Former U.S Congressman, Lincoln foe


Chapter 4

Gilbert McMicken (H), Secret agent of John A Macdonald


Chapter 5

George Brown (H), Publisher Toronto Globe, politician


Chapter 6

Paul Malone (F), Confederate soldier

Matilde Schellenburg (F), Refugee, friend of the Burwells


Chapter 7

Dr. Solomon Secord (H), Canadian surgeon in Confederate Army

Lewis Powell, Payne (H), Confederate prisoner/ later associate of John Wilkes Booth


Chapter 8

General Basil Duke (H), Morgan's Cavalry


Chapter 9

Col Dan Mcgruder (F), Confederate Secret Service

Judah Benjamin (H), Confederate Secretary of State

Jacob Thompson (H), Co-leader Confederate mission to Canada

Homer Linslow (F), Associate of Tom Hines

John Fletcher (F), Associates of Tom Hines

Lafayette Baker (H) , American government detective

Peter Watson (H), Assistant Secretary, U.S War Department


Chapter 10

Sarah Slater (H), Confederate courier


Chapter 11

Amos Baker (F), Canadian black entrepreneur

Eramosa Willis (F), Canadian friend of Tom Hines

Erin Brady (F), Companion of Eromosa Willis

Rufus (F), Orphan who works for Willis


Chapter 13

Sillery Fraser (F), Free Black, servant to Sarah Slater


Chapter 14

Charles Cole (H), Confederate operative

John Surrat (H), Confederate courier


Chapter 15

Geoffrey Ralston (F), Junior officer, British army

Viscount Monck (H), Canadian Governor General


Chapter 16

Col Martin Delaney (H), Black officer Union army

Bennet Young (H), Escaped Confederate officer


Chapter 17

Edwin Stanton (H), American Secretary of War

Theo Schultz, (F), German speaking associate of Tom Hines

Breck Castleman (H), Kentucky associate of Hines


Chapter 18

General Jubal Early (H), Leads Confederate raid on Washington

General John Breckinridge (H), 2nd in command, former U.S Vice President


Chapter 19

Annie Cole (H), Poses as wife of Charles Cole at Johnson's Island

Ben Cooper (F), Prisoner at Johnson's Island


Chapter 20                                        

George Sanders (H), Member of Confederate commission to Canada

Clement Clay (H), Co-leader of Confederate commission


Chapter 21

Squire Barnes (F), Leads Canadian Militia unit


Chapter 23

John Wilkes Booth (H), American actor


Chapter 24

John Yates Beall (H), Naval commander for raid on Johnson's Island


Chapter 26

William MacDougall (H), Canadian politician

Georges Etienne Carter (H), Leading Quebec (Canada east) politician

Patrick Martin (H), Ship owner, Confederate sympathizer

Alexander Keith, the younger (H), Ship owner, Confederate sympathizer


Chapter 28

Carmen Giles (F), Confederate Torpedo Bureau

Bennet Burleigh (H), 2nd in command for naval raid


Chapter 29

John Wilson Murray (H), Gunner aboard USS Michigan

Charles Hemmings (H), Confederate soldier


Chapter 31

Robert Kennedy (H), Prisoner, escapee from Johnson's Island


Chapter 34

Robert Martin (H), Hines associate

John Headley (H), Hines associate


Chapter 35

Matthew and Emily Evans (F), Confederate sympathizers in Illinois


Chapter 37

Godfrey Hyams (H), Confederate operative


Chapter 39

Jethro (F), Former slave

Abigail Blocker (F), Tavern owner, Confederate sympathizer


Chapter 40  

Patrick Mulroney (F) , Deserter from British to Union arm

Mike Flaherty (F), Deserter from British to Union army


Chapter 44

William Cleary (H), Clerk to Confederate commission

Rev. Kensey Johns Stewart (H), Believes he should head Confederate commission

Lieutenant Carswell (F), Leads Owen's unit in Georgia, Carolina's.


Chapter 51

Captain Sam Davis (H), Confederate courier, officer at Andersonville Prison


Chapter 53

Captain Dennis Godley (H), Aide to Governor General Monck

George Dennison (H), Canadian militia officer, confederate sympathizer


Chapter 55

Private Cyrus Edwards (F), Aide to Col Martin Delaney


Chapter 57

Sandfield Macdonald (H), Canadian politician, opposes Confederation


Chapter 59

Col Eugene Waggaman (H), Confederate officer, brother in law of Sandfield Macdonald



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