The Continuing Cast, In Order of Appearance

H - Designates Historical Figure

F - Designates Fictional Character

Chapter 1

Paul Forsey (F)                         British government clerk

Dennis Godley (H)                  Secretary to Viscount Monck

Viscount Monck (H)                Lieutenant Governor of the united provinces of Canada East and West, but often referred to as Governor General. Later he will be the first Governor General of the Dominion of Canada.

Henry Hogan (H)                    Prominent figure as manager of St Lawrence Hall, a major Montreal hotel.

Thomas Hines (H)                   Confederate Agent, who used Canada as his base for attempts to bring revolution to the American Midwest.


Chapter 2

Sarah Slater (H)                      Confederate courier who carried messages between Montreal and Richmond, Virginia. Her post war fate is unknown.

Don Mcgruder (F)                  Fictional colonel in the Confederate Secret Service.

Edwin Stanton (H)                 American Secretary of War.

George Denison (H)               Canadian militia officer and a Confederate sympathizer.

Bennet Young (H)                   Confederate partisan who lead the rebel raid on St Albans Vermont in October of 1864.

Charles Hemmings (H)         Young Confederative operative became separated while on a raid and sheltered in Dunkirk, New York.


Chapter 3

Mike Flynn (F)                         Union army veteran who joins forces with the Fenians.

Owen Wilson (F)                     Canadian veteran of the Union army. He changed his name on entering the American army and was one of the key figures in A Porous Border.

Robert Martin (H)                   With John Headley, were Confederate agents and part of the mission to Canada.

General Basil Duke (H)          Became the commander of Morgan's cavalry on the death of John Hunt Morgan. He would remain in command until the end of the war.


Chapter 4

Lou Weichmann (H)               Lived at the Surratt boarding house and became a key figure in the trail of the Lincoln conspirators.

John Surratt (H)                      Confederate courier and escaped to Canada post war. His mother was executed for her role in the conspiracy.


Chapter 5

Geoffrey Ralston (F)               British army officer on the staff of the British commander in Quebec City.

Francine (F)                             Ralston's female companion.


Chapter 6

Amos Baker (F)                       A black teamster, Eromosa Willis a fisherman and farmer, and Erin Brady his companion. All were associated with Confederate operations in south-western Ontario.

John A Macdonald (H)          Attorney general-Canada West when the story begins, is a key force in the drive for Confederation and will become the first Prime Minister of the Dominion of Canada.

Hewitt Bernard (H)               Is a senior clerk in Macdonald's office

Gilbert McMicken (H)          Is a detective who reports to Macdonald.


Chapter 7

Dr. Solomon Secord (H)         Canadian surgeon who served in the Confederate army before returning to Canada.

Dr. Martin Delaney (H)          One of the few black officers in the Union army and later worked with the Freedmen's Bureau.

Sillery Fraser (F)                      Former slave and servant to Sarah Slater.

Bennet Burleigh (H)                Confederate operative who was arrested and extradited to the United States for his role in the raid on Lake Erie.


Chapter 8

George Brown (H)                  With Georges Cartier, was a key politician who supported MacDonald in the drive for Confederation.


Chapter 11

Judah Benjamin (H)                The Confederate Secretary of State who escaped to Britain when the war ended.


Chapter 13

D'Arcy McGee (H)                   Writer and politician, deeply involved in the push for Confederation and later assassinated in an apparent Fenian plot.

Gen. John Breckinridge (H)    Confederate General who escaped to Canada after the war. He was also a former American Vice President.


Chapter 14

C.J. Brydges (H)                      Prominent railway executive, a friend and associate of John A MacDonald.

Leonard Tilley (H)                  Politician and leader of the Confederation movement in New Brunswick.


Chapter 15

Charles Tupper (H)                 Politician and leader of the Confederation drive in Nova Scotia.


Chapter 16

Fides (H)                                 One of the spies or police operatives based in Ontario.


Chapter 18

Levitus Hurley (F)                   Former Union army officer and long-time foe of Owen Wilson.


Chapter 19

Col John O'Neill (H)                Former Union army officer who led the Fenian raid on the Niagara Peninsula.

General Jubal Early (H)           Confederate officer who sheltered in Canada after the war.


Chapter 21

Captain Barnes (F)                  Fictional member of the Canada West militia.

Captain Caters (F)                   Fictional member of the Canada West militia.

William MacDougall (H)       Canadian politician and one of the Fathers of Confederation.


Chapter 22

Dan Smith (F)                          Store keeper in Toronto.


Chapter 24

Buckley (H)                             The driver for John A. Macdonald.

George St Leger Grenfell (H)  British soldier of fortune.


Chapter 25

Agnes Bernard (H)                 Sister of Hewitt, marries John A Macdonald.

James Mason (H)                    Confederate diplomat in Europe and a player in the Trent Affair.


Chapter 27

President Jefferson Davis (H)      Former Confederate President that visited Canada after the war.



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